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Patent pending solar cooker for flat system

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Patent granted for custard apple deseeding machine

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Our services

We offer design services of innovative concepts for our clients.

Apart from that we are also into:

  • Transferring of technology,
  • Licensing of patents for third parties and
  • Joint ventures.

Boost your innovation

In case you are not able to materialize your concept into reality due to some reasons then our following services  can be of use to you.

  • Technology development
  • Proof of principle model making
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Designing
  • IP registration

How we work


We are a company which values working on innovative concepts. It’s our forte to think out of box and invent new product concepts. These concepts are beneficial for the energy industry and usually fall in renewable solar energy domain, though not limited to it. Renewable energy is our focus because the major concern in today’s world revolves around energy, especially, after the hazardous effects we see generated, for generations, from the exhaustible energy sources like oil.

Once a concept is ready and found feasible, the prospective product comes in design phase. We build designs such that they are suitable ergonomically for day to day use. During design phase we take care such that it remains cost effective while it goes into production. We take this special care because while transferring the technology or while licensing the invention to another company they should be in a favorable situation of going into production mode easily.

Finally, when it arises out of initial design phase we develop a pilot product for testing purposes. We test it under controlled circumstances among a group of volunteers and early adopters. As a result of which the feedback received is taken into careful consideration and changes to design are made accordingly.




Parallel to these stages we are also working on its patent process and once the we get the grants for a patent we further offer it into market for transferring, licensing or even a joint venture.