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Patent pending solar cooker for flat system

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Patent granted for custard apple deseeding machine

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Mr. Milind Kulkarni


Mr. Milind Kulkarni heads the company nOvel clues, as the name suggests technology, especially technical innovation, is close to his heart from childhood. His ability to create machines, which would solve problems became well-known fast. As result of many people in manufacturing segment, approached him with their problems which required exceptional solutions. One of them was for a processing machine of custard apple seed removal which now belongs in his patent list.


Mr. Milind Kulkarni and his company’s mission is to provide very useful solutions to extremely difficult & complex problems. Also, one of his company’s goal is to provide innovative products to manufacturing industry.

He has already filed three patents of which two are successful in market and ready for technology transfer. Third one is under process and is expected to get completed within 3-4 months.



In his journey of patenting three products, right from conceptualization to getting patents he faced several challenges and has successfully overcome them, every-time with new experience, some of them being very tough circumstances.


For example, custard apple is available for a testing period for only 2-3 months, of the complete year. Any machine developed by him had to be transported to fields and minimum 500 to 1000 custard apples were used for the available 2-3 months.

Challenges were present during each product development cycle, for solar cooker some challenges were present, like suitable material with specific properties was required while building solar cooker solutions. Its shape was designed and redesigned several times as it had to be fitted in flats.


Our 3rd expected patent, with 3-4 months, is a battery less solar power pack. It again solves a difficult issue, in existing system every 3-4 months, maintenance is required and battery needs replacement every three years. By building a battery-less solar power system this issue is eradicated from roots.