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Patent pending solar cooker for flat system

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Patent granted for custard apple deseeding machine

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nOvel clues

nOvel clues aim to create pioneering, sustainable and scalable products which are beneficial for our customers.

Our mission is to capture creative ideas which can then be transpired to develop and implement innovative solutions.

nOvel clues focuses on developing state-of-the-art technologies for clients in India and abroad and its associated fundamental research. We also offer selected scientific services to our clients.

nOvel clues looks forward for opportunities to work with clients on challenging research problems and which will generate long-term values. We realize that it is our industrial clients that keep our research relevant to and focused on real world problems and opportunities. As a result of which we believe in developing products which are developed right from concept to patent according to the needs of individuals to industries.

About us

Mr. Milind Kulkarni heads the company nOvel clues, as the name suggests technology, especially technical innovation, is close to his heart from childhood. His ability to create machines, which would solve problems became well-known fast. 


We offer design services of innovative concepts for our clients. Apart from that we are also into transferring of technology, licensing of patents for third parties and also consider a joint ventures if suitable circumstances arise.———————————————–

Product details

Our company has worked on solar energy for past 25 years and more in counting, it has gained respect among people. This company has brought many patent filed products in the market. Among them, one is SUNDISH SOLAR COOKER.

SUNDISH has many specialties.

Press release

Theere are several press releases mentionieng our companys work. These lie in area of flat based solar cooker, custard apple deseeding machine, fighting capsule etc…